Buy, Sell, Trade, Loans

We buy and sell gold, silver and platinum at reasonable rates. Bring in your old jewelry, broken chains and dental gold and redeem them for cash. We buy diamonds.

We buy and sell coins. US and foreign coins are welcome. Bullion bought and sold. Rare, common, worn or high grade, we can help you with your collection or speculation needs. Need an LCD Flatscreen TV but don’t want to pay new prices? Buy used and save. We offer a constantly rotating stock of used televisions, musical instruments, DVD’s, Blu-ray, CD’s, tools, jewelry, GPS systems, car audio, guitar pedals and effects, video games and much more at unbeatable rock bottom used prices. Best of all, we guarantee anything we sell for 30 days. Your money back
if it doesn’t work.

Love jewelry? Don’t buy it new and pay a 3000% Jewelry store markup, come and see our selection and pay a fraction of the new cost.

Don’t want to sell it? Get a loan against it. We pawn jewelry, electronics, digital cameras, guitars and musical instruments, music and PA equipment, DVD and CD collections, tools, and most things of value at competetive interest rates.

Call us at 636 978-4455 today.

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